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Well Kiddos – Let’s fire up the grill

Get ready for BBQ season. Time to get the grill out, hose it down, clean it  and fire it up. Father’s Day often times rings in the time of backyard BBQ fun. But be sure to keep it healthy, nutritious and safe with these 5 easy tips:

  • Studies show that charcoal grilling accumulates carcinogenic HCAs and PAHs in red meats, poultry and fish
  • Marinating your meats significantly reduces the formation of HCAs
  • You can reduce your grilling time by partially precooking your meats
  • Turn your meats often to reduce the build up of carcinogens
  • Grilling vegetables or other plant based food does not result in HCAs or PAHs


Everyone has BBQ favorites. In our family we prepare little pouches of mushrooms with extra virgin olive oil and herbs, wrap them up and put them on the grill. Want to try it? Click here.


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