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No sugar required! Licorice is here!

Posted on September 12th, 2016 by Manuela Hipkins

Recently my son asked me to send some tea to his 4th grade class. His teacher would like to host a sharing circle on Fridays and thought it would be nice to create a cozy and relaxing environment. Tea Time! Great idea, love it, but would this mean the kids will be drinking sugary teas? We […]

Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

Posted on May 6th, 2016 by Manuela Hipkins

by Darya Mead   It bills itself as The largest grower-only Certified Farmers Market in Southern California and a favorite for local chefs. I have to concur, as a farmer’s market aficionado, I seek out fresh produce, flowers and other local products wherever I travel. Some of the French markets in Provence dazzle the senses […]

Grain-Free & Protein-Packed Banana Bread

Posted on March 18th, 2016 by Manuela Hipkins

  Banana Bread is a favorite in this house. Ok, closely followed by cheesecake for me personally. It is not too sweet, hearty, with a bread-like texture (I know, that’s why the name). It can be topped with any kind of extras, from indulgent frostings to protein-packed nuts and seeds, or enjoyed just plain, with no […]

Sir Kensington, ‘the best for your wurst’!

Posted on March 17th, 2016 by Manuela Hipkins

Well Kiddos must be on the ‘condiments’ list for samples. This is the second package I have received in the last year with gourmet ketchups and other toppings to try. I have to giggle, as I’m not a huge user of gloppy sauces, but my kids really do love ketchup and we —of course— use mayo […]

Spicy, buffalo cauliflower wings !?

Posted on February 16th, 2016 by Manuela Hipkins

by Well Kiddos’ Chief editor: Darya Mead Superbowl 2016 is over and we can all go back to regularly scheduled eating. I am not a football fan and this year with the big game in my neighborhood, I wanted to avoid the whole dismal event, save Beyonce’s bold halftime statement. My husband and boys were […]