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Improving Kids Menus “One Restaurant and One Family at a Time.”


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Our consultation services include:

  • Menu Make Overs
  • Pantry make overs
  • Cooking classes for families and kids at your Restaurant, Home or School
  • Classes for schools to enhance your curriculum

We work with different budgets to show we care!

Donations are accepted.

Contact us: manu.wellkiddos@att.net

Phone: 650.274.0269

One Response to “Consultation”

manukhcJuly 17th, 2010 at 3:14 am

I have thought of many things Kevin. Lacking some know ho and time.. I am making some great connections and love doing this.. so it would be GREAT if I can find an angle..
a company in San Mateo did something smiliar (they have some very savy biz people) and they sold their company within 2 years…
Thanks for your thoughts and kuddos! xo back at you!