Well Kiddos

Improving Kids Menus “One Restaurant and One Family at a Time.”


Well Kiddos (TM) for Restaurants
Healthy solutions for school lunch programs already exist in some school districts but children’s menus at many restaurants remain terribly unbalanced.
Our mission is to facilitate healthy changes to Kid’s Menus locally and across America, one restaurant at a time.
“I’d love to offer Children healthy choices, but I want the parents to relax and enjoy their meal. I am worried that the kids won’t like a healthier menu.”
We understand that you need to cater to your customers in order to stay in business. We encourage you to look at your current menu and start there. If you offer Macs and Cheese, cut the fat, the salt, use whole grain pasta. If you offer chicken tenders, purchase good quality products, bake instead of frying.
Use garnish and decorate the plate with some veggies or offer some raw veggies with a light dip on the side, include fresh fruit.

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