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Back to school…. let the old routine begin. But wait… do you have a routine at all?

by Patricia Beck

Maybe it’s time for a new routine in the morning. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Start easing your way back into school a couple of days before school actually begins. Take some time with your children and look at photos from last school year to remember the fun times they had with their friends.

The night before school plan for an early bedtime. Help them go to sleep easier with lots of cuddles, reading a book and an overall calm evening.

Prepare everything, no exceptions! Have the kids lay out the clothes (including socks, hairpins…) for the next day, to avoid discussions in the morning. It’s even more fun to lay it down on the floor in the shape of a person.
Pack the backpack, place papers and books inside, and leave it near the door, where it sure will be remembered.
Check the calendar together to see what the next day brings and you can prepare accordingly. Maybe the library books need to be returned or there is ballet or baseball practice as well happening.  Fix their school lunches in the evening, while preparing or cleaning up dinner. Chill the food containers in the fridge, to avoid late morning hassle. School lunches done in a hurry tend to be less healthy and filled with more processed food.
Set the breakfast table for next morning.

In the morning get yourself ready before you wake the children. You will be  much calmer and this will reflect on your children. Wake them up a couple of minutes earlier as usual with a nice back rub. The morning will go much smoother.  If it’s still dark outside, ease the light gradually in with a dimmer. Music in the morning can be nice as well. You can have different songs picked out to announce it’s time for breakfast, for the bathroom routine, and time to put on  shoes and leave the house.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast together. Take the time and sit down with your children and eat as well! You’re a role model, if you skip breakfast, your child soon will too! Take it as some extra quality time together with your child, turn the TV off and talk about last night dreams or your day ahead.

For the little ones consider printing out a morning routine chart with pictures. Review and practice the chart before school starts to make sure your children understand what they have to do. They soon will like the independence achieved through a routine.  A fun chart could be in a round shape with a hand like a clock and they can move the hand to the next task, after done with the task before.

Last but not least, once you found your morning routine, stick to it!

Well Kiddo Quentin gets ready for Back to School

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