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Pizza Rizza

As school came to an end we went from one party to the next. “Last minute” birthdays, “Good Byes” and “Just for fun parties”.

Can you guess what the offering at EACH party was? Yup: PIZZA! Pizza is offered at literally EVERY party for kids we go to. Is that true for you too? As usual an observation like this makes me curious:

1.) Why Pizza?

2.) Is Pizza healthy?

3.) What else can be offered?

This newsletter is all about Pizza and offers some answers to these questions.

Here is a personal story about my Pizza life:

When my oldest daughter (now 12) entered preschool a parent was very interested in serving hot food at preschool. His idea, you guessed already: Pizza. He wanted to serve Pizza EVERY Wednesday. Now as a therapist my light went on:  I am going to be training my 3 year old daughter to want Cheese Pizza every Wednesday for the rest of her life! O.K. that was a no go for me, but then was the peer pressure. Should I single my daughter out as the only non-cheese-pizza-eating kid? Yup, that’s what I decided (‘we’ actually, my husband was on board). We sent home made pizza or organic pizza from the freezer with her or a food she chose on Wednesdays. It was pretty easy, but the parent’s comments were hurtful. We toughed it out. Then my daughter moved to the Kindergarten section and guess what? The same dad suggested: “Let’s have Pizza on Wednesdays!” Then came our second daughter. It was much harder for her to swim against the crowd and the parents got tougher on me. Like in High school I got the eye as I walked by a group of women and the class rep even warned a new mom “she is against Pizza” as I invited her to come over for coffee one day. A teacher said to me: “You might as well get used to it, by High school that‘s all they’ll eat!” Really??? Well, that wasn’t gonna be my kid! No one asked me or wanted to hear what our reasons were not to go with the flow:

We wanted to raise healthy and balanced eaters.

Today, we can find a lot of  evidence online that the foods presented early in life of a child will pattern his/her eating behavior. My family’s history is filled with cancer and other illnesses. There is proof as well here that food choices have an effect on our health and on healing.  Then a friend gave me the book “Healthy at 100” by  John Robbins \”Healthy at 100\”

I had subscribed to the “Weston Price Foundation” prior . I  liked their philosophy to eat pure and raw milk products, fresh meat and organic or fermented veggies. I turned another page and became a vegan advocate, because the data Robbins had provided was without a doubt very solid and comprehensive and showed that cultures that had turned away from their traditional ways of eating toward the Western ‘packaged and fast food craze’ suddenly developed illnesses their languages had no names for yet. And then there was Michael Pollan who lays out a set of straightforward, memorable rules for eating wisely in his book “Food rules”.

My Pizza philosophy now is this:

  • Pizza is delicious. Pizza done right is a healthy food choice. Pizza is my friend: It is fast to make and get onto the table and helps me to feed my kids when I am in a time pinch.
  • You can order it vegan and ask for cheese on the side. I do not allow my kids to only eat Cheese Pizza. We have agreed to order a plate of veggies BEFORE the pizza comes. When that is eaten then we can have cheese pizza. I ask the server about the cheese to see if it’s organic or at least rBST free (and my 4 year old can handle this on his own already 😉 ). I tell the waiter to use ½ the cheese portion or to leave the cheese off and let the kids put it on themselves (this teaches them how much is ok to use). And yes, we dab the pizza with our napkins to get the excess oil off. I know weird but that’s us 🙂
  • Mostly however we eat Pizza at home. I purchase Amy’s roasted veggie pizza without cheese or TJ’s organic pizza options. I dress them up with fresh veggies. Now that’s my short cut.

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