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Pasta Palooza

Pasta Palooza – What a party it was!

A fantastic crowd of Well Kiddos chefs and their parents joined us on Saturday July 16th for our first ‘Pasta Palooza’ at New Leaf Community Market in Half Moon Bay.

We started out by making bead and pasta necklaces while waiting for all of our foodies to arrive. Creativity sprung all around and we saw wonderful pasta art creations. When all kids arrived we got busy prepping some ingredients for the slow roasted tomato sauce. Next, the chefs moved on to speed naming the different veggies and helping to fill up the baking dish for the slow roasted tomato sauce by adding some spices, oil and vinegar. Then the creation was carried off to the oven. After all this work we took a breather and played ‘Match the Ingredients’. 3 sauces needed their veggies: Tomato, Pesto and Cheese sauce. To help the chefs visualize the ingredients, we used little felt veggie shapes. The team gave the kids verbal clues and had them figure out where their ingredients needed to be placed. Let me tell you, we were impressed by the quick responses, these Well Kiddos’ mini chefs had. They were on fire and right on the mark!

Part of our mini chef crowd

Matching ingredients to the sauces










Next off Antje, one of our volunteer Well Kiddos, took over with Pasta Trivia games. All joined in and tried to solve the ‘Fun Facts Quiz’ and matched Italian pasta names to the English ones. Did you know that Fusilli refers to corkscrew pasta or that North Dakota produces most of the country’s durum wheat crop? There you go, just a couple of the many pasta facts Antje presented !

Now that the kids quenched their thirst for knowledge it was time to get down to business. To plan their personal menu item, the kids created their favorite pasta dish on paper first, choosing from three noodle shapes and three sauces. So many creative plates were developed and named! Guess what the ‘The Cheesy Noodles’ or ‘The Fogger’ plate had planned to dish up.

Creating their perfect dish!

All those ideas made us hungry and it was time to finish the sauces and get the pasta cooking. The kids congregated around the cooking isle and prepared pesto, pureed the roasted tomato sauce fresh from the oven (what an aroma) and whisked up the cheese sauce. Many busy little hands measured, mixed and pureed the ingredients for the sauces.

Excited to start cooking.

After all this hard work it was finally time to eat and let me tell you: The chefs were hungry! We had seconds, thirds and even fourths for some hungry foodies. The kids left with full bellies, their creative art pasta and new ‘food knowledge’ and most of all: Happy faces . From all of us at Well Kiddos: Thanks for bringing your wonderful kids  and for helping us to create another successful Well Kiddos class. We had a great time as well!

Delicious - the kids loved the foods they have prepared!

A job well done!

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