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Lunch – the easy how to guide!

Hi, my name is Manu Hipkins. I am the mother of 3 young children (12, 9 and 4) and have to deal with lunch five and sometimes 6 days a week. Yes, I dread it often, but I know a nutritious meal is an important part of my kids wellness. I choose to make my kids lunch and teach them how to do it themselves:


  • Nutritious is how lunch is spelled in our house, sweets are for dessert at home.
  • The food categories to cover in the planning are: Protein, whole grain carbs, veggies and fruit and a canteen water bottle.
  • I let my kids choose what they want and the older ones take weekly turns planning the lunches and snacks for school Mo-Fri. They also need to write a shopping list for the week.
  • Food not eaten is the afternoon snack (thus an ice pack is essential in the lunch box).


How – to Tips:

  • Prepare lunch the evening before right after dinner during the ‘clean up phase”.
  • Make sure to wash all containers you may need in the morning (i.e. a thermos for hot lunch items)
  • Pre-chop veggies and fruit (sprinkle with a little lemon juice to avoid brown spots) for easy grab-and-go in the morning.
  • Stick a fun note into the kid’s lunch. They dig it! Even my 12 year old does who finds me mostly embarrassing!

“I love you. Have a fun day!”

What you may need:

  • Reusable containers (for hot and cold foods) and a stainless steel water bottle – label all for easy finding at school 😉
  • Cloth napkin and sandwich wrap (make sure to label with your child’s name!)
  • Bamboo sticks or cocktail umbrellas (skewers are a hit in our house)
  • Sporks are a favorite utensil

Ready for lunch

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