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Think Green This Halloween

Halloween can be taunting – let’s think about how we can make healthy and green choices for this scary season of the year and keep the fun!

  1. Get costumes used at a local thrift store or try to organize a Costume Swap at your kid’s school!
  2. Give away little treasures instead of store bought candy (kids love sea shells, polished rocks or spooky pencils).
  3. If a sweet treat is part of Halloween for you try one of the following: Clif Kid’s Z Bar “Spooky S’mores”, Endagered Species Chocolate “Bug Bites” or Glee Gum “Mini’s”.
  4. Use a reusable candy pail and fun flash lights instead of glowing sticks.
  5. Trick or Treat for Good – use a decorated coffee tin or milk jug to collect donations for a local charity or UNICEF (find details here).


Cheetah_by _Darya_Mead

Cheetah by Darya Mead

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