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African Cuisine – Ethopian food – fresh- nutritious- delicious

The other day I found a coupon on the “Travelzoo” site. I am an avid deal hunter to make family dining or  dates nights more affordable.
Radio Africa serves up “Afri-Cali cuisine that [tastes] familiar and extraordinary,” crafted by acclaimed Ethiopian native chef Eskender Aseged (The SF Examiner).”

The description of this coupon sounded appealing, so I bought it and invited my friend and her husband to come along. We walked into an’ upscale appeal’ and modern but warm looking restaurant greeted by warm colors on the wall, succulents on the table and live guitar music on a Saturday evening.

Radio Africa 005We received one dish after another from the Chef’s tasting menu. Each dish surprised us with pleasant and interesting flavors and food combinations along with fresh, vivid color and the presentation of fish, meats and vegetables on elegant plates.

Radio Africa & Kitchen was created by Chef Eskender Aseged. Originally from Ethiopia, Eskender arrived in San Francisco in the late 80’s where he spent the next 20 years working in the Bay Area with such luminaire chefs as Jeremiah Tower, Joyce Goldstein, Nancy Oaks, Daniel Peterson and Daniel Humm.
During this time, inspired by these great chefs, he began experimenting with different food preparations of his own.

I asked Eskender about his general food philosophy and then specifically about his thoughts on kids’ cuisine.

Manu: Can you tell me what your sourcing philosophy is?Radio Africa 005 (1)

Eskender: I like to buy local food and know my farmers. I also grow a lot of my own vegetables. Sustainability is key. When you dine with us, you will enjoy a seasonal, nutritionally well-balanced meal that always includes organic vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, wild fish, shellfish and fruit, accompanied by fine herbs and spices.

Manu: What do you think families like best when they come to eat with you?

Eskender: Families love to eat the mezze plate. It is something that everyone can share and has lots of nutritional value and it is delicious.

Manu: How do you help kids to make healthier choices?

Eskender: Make food fun! Growing your own food is a great lesson for kids as well.Radio Africa 002

Manu: Are you aware of genetically modified oils and do you avoid them in your cooking?

Eskender:  I am aware of GMO’s and I choose healthy oils. We use 100% olive oil.

Manu: Do you have a special interest in healthy eating?

Eskender:  I have a huge interest in healthy balanced eating. My food is colorful, healthy, seasonally evolving, and exciting!

Manu: Why “Radio Africa”?

Eskender: The name comes from my experience growing up in Ethiopia with very few outlets for popular music and sports. Only one household per neighborhood might have a radio and kids would gather and listen to soccer matches and music, sharing laughter, conversation and snacks.

Eskender did not exaggerate. We were so happy to have found him and Radio Africa, we highly recommend dining here. Even though the restaurant may look upscale you are welcome in jeans just as you are. Kids are welcomed and well fed.

We give Radio Africa a Thumbs up and welcome Eskender and Radio Africa to our Well Kiddos approved list!

Give Radio Africa a try just like us and enjoy the savings this link provides.

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