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Improving Kids Menus “One Restaurant and One Family at a Time.”


The media has put America’s parents on alert status.  Daily, we hear reports about the need to turn kid’s eating habits around, to look at food labels and to buy natural and, when possible, organic foods for our children.

According to a government study, about one in three teens and children is overweight or obese. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17.4 percent of kids and teens 12-19 years old are overweight; more than triple the rate just 20 years ago and an additional 15% of teens are at risk of becoming overweight. Young people are now experiencing such health problems as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, fatty liver and diabetes.

We at Well Kiddos want to help parents establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits for their children and family members. That’s why we advocate for you so that you have great healthy choices to visit when you go out to eat.

See what moms  are saying…

“As a mom of two I thank you for making time for this important issue.”

“I would love for restaurants to offer kids sized and flavored (less salt, less spicy) options”

“When we go to the restaurant we never pick anything from the kids menu for our girls because more often than not it’s cheap junk food that we would not even make at home.”

“I will definitely support you! This is great. Ill start keeping track of restaurants I take my 2.5 year old and give you reviews. Thank you! “

“Our kids love their hot dogs and Macs and Cheese. However we would love it if Chefs made them somehow healthier; organic cheese and milk, low fat and reduced salt would be great, plus healthy hot dogs and real chicken for nuggets!”

Members of the Coast side Mother’s Club and Members of Green Moms

We can help you also to create a healthy eating environment in your own home:

What is  Healthy for Kid’s ?

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

Dairy products that are low-fat, hormone free and best organic

Ingredients that are fresh, local, unprocessed, sustainable, organic or unsprayed.

Lean, (best) hormone free meats, poultry, fish and eggs

Foods low in saturated fats, are free of trans fats, low in cholesterol,

Foods low in salt (sodium), and added (natural) sugars

Choices that are baked or pan fried (instead of deep fried)

Ingredients that avoid GMO

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