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Improving Kids Menus “One Restaurant and One Family at a Time.”

Advisors – Supporters – Contributing Restaurants

Advisors and Supporters:
Julie Shenkman, Owner, Sam’s Chowder House
Lewis Rossman; Executive Chef/Partner Sam’s Chowder House
Liam Durkee, Chez Shea, Owner
Susie Biehler, PR Consultant
Birge Fromann, Design Consultant
Michaela Winkler, Design Consultant
Melinda McNaughton, M.S., RD., co-founder of Greenmoms.com
Jennifer Brewer, MS, CNS, Nutritionist and Natural Foods Chef 
Potrero Nuevo Farm, Halfmoon Bay Ca.
Chef Ann Cooper, http://www.chefann.com/html/about-chef-ann/contact.html
Amy Kalafa, Executive Producer “Two Angry Moms” amy@angrymoms.org
Anna Getty, Author ‘Easy Green Organic’
Alan Greene, M.D., Author ‘Feeding Baby Green’
Jody Winzelberg, AuD, F-AAA
Halfmoon Bay Ca,  Mayor Marina Fraser
San Jose Ca., Ash Kalra, Council Member District 2
Special thanks go to:
Shaotung (Olivia) Wu, Executive Chef at Google Mountain View Ca.; former San Francisco Chronicle food writer
Julie Shenkman, Mother and restaurateur
Contributing Restaurants :
Sam’s Chowder House, ElGranada, Ca.
Mezza Luna, Princeton by the Sea, Ca.
Cafe Gibraltar, ElGranada, Ca.
Chez Shea, Halfmoon Bay, Ca.
The Green Enchilada, Pacifica Ca.
Pacifica Farmer’s Market, Pacifica, Ca.
Granucci’s, Pacifica Ca.
Dominick Bocchimuzzo, Executive Chef, The Oceano Hotel, Princeton by the Sea, Ca.
Ladida Cafe, Halfmoon Bay Ca.

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