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“Sugar Bash” – “Me Time” goodies!

Posted on October 9th, 2016 by Manuela Hipkins

by Darya Mead

Darya Mead

My life is not that unusual, a constant juggle of work, family, friends and the world at large. I teach yoga, write, am a busy mom, and work hard to shop for healthy fare and prepare nutritious home cooked meals for my ever growing and active teenage boys. Yoga, self care and lots of outdoor time make me feel vibrant as I move into my fifties. Aging is not for the faint of heart though, and there are days when I wish I was doing this all in my younger body. Most of the time I feel on top of my life and able to tackle what unfolds each day, and then there are days where I long for some glimmer of pampering and ease. That is why it was so fun to get this surprise box of high-end treats near my birthday. I wanted to share this new business idea, created for women and moms who care about both wellness and our environment; often the two go hand in hand.  I got sent this Sugarbash box of special FAVES AND RAVES “Me Time” goodies– which is all about organic and responsibly sourced, environmentally safe products and treats– and have been enjoying each and every item.

sugarbashbox_img_8554_1024-002 sugarbash_jewelery_img_8555_1024-002sugarbash_tea_vitalproteins

Sugarbash, a new subscription box service that customizes products based on member profiles, and is a pampering way to discover new products. The box arrives every other month and features an assortment of luxury, hand picked products chosen by a designated guest celebrity curator. By capturing member preferences and feedback, Sugarbash, has empowered women to ask for what they want in the marketplace and essentially become product advisors.”

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