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What is your secret to staying balanced as a Well Kiddo’s mom?

Posted on May 9th, 2015 by Manu


“When I get overwhelmed I tell myself: I choose to make a healthy breakfast and lunch even though I am so tired, because I value that my kids have the nutrition they need to stay healthy.”

~ Manu Seitz-Hipkins, Founder


“I go to the farmer’s market most every Saturday, rain or shine and try to have an array of fresh, healthy local options at my fingertips i.e. soaked beans, nuts, crudites,washed and boxed (I used bins) greens, lots of fresh seasonal fruit and when possible doubling recipes of soup, stew and other things to freeze containers for busy nights.”                                                    ~ Darya Mead, Chief Editor

“I try to prepare some foods in advance or on the weekend (e.g. quinoa, lentils, chicken, soups) to make things easier during the week. That way we make sure we eat healthy even when there is little time to prep from scratch.”                   ~ Sabine Klensch, Writer

Sierra eating broccoli

“Having a child with a history of significant food intolerances, nutrition became a big focus point for our family. Fitting this into a busy lifetstyle isn’t always easy. Preparing ahead of time is key and keeps the stress out of the kitchen.” ~Sabine Crawford, Marketing Director


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