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Seed & Salt in San Francisco

Posted on May 9th, 2015 by Manu


This tasty and healthy eatery is located in the heart of San Francisco’s Marina District, on Chestnut Street. It opened late 2014 and its promise – honest, delicious food that your body will appreciate – is genuinely true.


The signature Northern California inspired dishes are so colorful, plant-based, organic, locally sourced and mostly free of gluten, dairy, refined sugars, trans fats and GMO.


Seed and Salt’s natural and simplistic style creates the perfect milieu for eating a fresh, clean and flavorful meal. You can  enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The key success is making healthy food look and taste satisfyingly rich and delicious. We tried the beet burger, just on its own a festival of colors and a feast for the eyes.

Seed and Salt Burger

by Aubrie Pick

The burger included fresh beets, walnuts, lentils, mushrooms, brown rice, raisins, spices, smoked sea salt and ranch dressing and served on a GF (Gluten free) burger bun. My other favorite, the Quinoa Falafel, a juice dark green collard wrap generously filled with quinoa, green garbanzo hummus, red cabbage slaw, cucumber, carrot, radish and sprouts – a home run for the taste buds… and the portions won’t disappoint.


This is a great spot to present your kids the beauty and variety of healthy ingredients in their favorite comfort foods, e.g. burgers, tacos, pasta salad, etc. Or indulge on their nutritious treats such as their sprouted nut loaf or almond butter on GF baguette.


Seed + Salt is not spacious, your order is taken at the counter and a few sitting arrangements are available inside and out. However, you might be lucky and get a spot to enjoy your meal and also slurp on some green juices like the Game changer or the rich tasting Super Alpha Mega Vanilla Shake – kids will especially enjoy this one (my three-year-old certainly did!).

Seed and Salt Super Alpha Mega Vanilla Shake

by Aubrie Pick


It’s CEO and founder, Mo Clancy, has quite a business trajectory, you can read more about her and her team on the website. We asked Mo where she would get the inspiration from for her dishes:


“The inspiration for the menu comes from a couple of places. First, it comes from a place of integrity. When we started we set out to be completely honest with our customers – to provide the highest quality, seasonal food without processed ingredients – real, whole foods. We wanted customers to trust us and know that what they fed their families would nourish them.


Secondly, we were really inspired to transform familiar comfort foods into clean food: good-for-you food can be fun. Our Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie, S+S Burger, Eggplant BLT and Alpha Mega Vanilla Milkshake are all favorites while containing superfoods and ingredients that are good for you. Our kids menu even has an organic mini banana milkshake!


Lastly, we were just inspired by all the amazing food Northern California has to offer. We wanted plant-based foods to be delicious, fulfilling and lovingly crafted by a chef.”


Seed & Salt

2240 Chestnut Street

San Francisco CA 94123

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