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Can a Cleanse Change Your Life?

Posted on April 27th, 2015 by Manu



Ahh, Spring is here!  If you have been to your local produce section or farmer’s market recently, you might have noticed the luscious berries, vibrant greens and fresh legumes just begging to get into your basket.


For me, seeing all the new colors, shapes and sizes during Spring speaks to the infinite possibilities both in the kitchen and on my taste buds.  But the question is always the same, what do I DO with all of these ridiculously healthy foods?  I already know they are good for me, but how do I get them to TASTE good so I can actually incorporate them into my life?


On top of that, Spring is also the perfect time to cleanse and lighten up, both in our physical surrounding and in our bodies.  We clean out our closets, air out the house, but often we forget to do the same thing to our insides.  Again the question that arises is HOW?


Well, my good friend and colleague Chef Jenny Brewer might have the answers you’ve been looking for.


She LOVES turning those new colors in the market into delicious recipes on your plate, and guiding people through an easy and satisfying whole foods-based Spring cleanse to get you energized and ready for all of your Summer adventures.


In the following video, she tells you why she loves cleansing and the positive impact it can have on your life.  Plus, she’ll highlight some of the amazing cleansing foods of Spring and walk you through two light and healthy recipes that just might have you dropping your French fries and clamoring for more.

Check out Jennifer’s introduction Video here

Jennifer Brewer

Jenny Brewer, MS, CNS, Nutritionist & Natural Foods Chef


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