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Egg-stremely Good Extra Credit Spanish Tortilla – by Darya Mead

Posted on April 12th, 2015 by Manu

SpanishTortilla extra credit (3)

I had a bit of warning, but at 9pm on a school night, my 15 year old reminded me I had agreed to help him make a Spanish tortilla for extra credit for his High School Spanish class. It’s a pretty simple recipe and I was all for this little project. Although a budding foodie (given his supertaster tendencies), my younger son seems to have taken more to cooking and baking.

I got out the olive oil, potatoes, onions and eggs and agreed he would halve the recipe, as every kid would be making the same, there was no need to make huge portion. The idea seemed simple enough and I thought it was a great chance for him to beef up his bachelor cooking repertoire. He found a recipe video on the iPad in Spanish which I thought was a good call and started peeling his potatoes.

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I often make a lot of scrambled eggs, quiche or meringue this time of year and thought this might be a good option for those blowing out their eggs for Easter egg decoration. Famed for its tapas, this recipe is a find for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and snacks in between. You can add chorizo, cheese and/or peppers too! It is also a great snack option for lunch boxes and fun if you offer up toothpicks!


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