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Caprese Salad

Posted on September 15th, 2014 by Manu

Sweet corn, watermelon and plump, ripe delicious tomatoes are synonymous with summer. As long summer days arch towards autumn, the last batches of lemonade are slurped and faded, worn out bathing suits retired, there is still a chance to enjoy a few more servings of caprese salad. Ripe from the garden vine, hand picked at a farmers market or delivered from your CSA box, don’t miss out on this summer Italian favorite. Fine mozzarella cheese, juicy ‘golden apples’ or pomodoros as they are called in Italian, fresh basil, salt and pepper and drizzle of olive oil and you are good to go. Melt the cheese in a pita and add some lettuce for a fine sandwich or just dive into the mountains of melt in your mouth tomato goodness. Sop up the juices with some fine bread and life couldn’t be better. Quick while they are still fresh and delicious, make that palate imprint to hold you to next season’s crop!


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