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I quit sugar!

Posted on August 4th, 2014 by Manu

– a book review by Sabine Klensch

I quit sugar

I stumbled upon Sarah Wilson’s website in my desperate search to find some support to reduce my sugar intake. Sarah is the author of “I Quit Sugar”, a great online spot and program loaded with fun recipes and practical tips that help you to reduce your sugar intake or to fully get out of  the daily sugar trap.


Recognizing that the ones that are mostly bombarded by all kinds of hidden, and so often dubiously healthy sugars and sweeteners (fruit juices, cereals, etc) are our kids, Sarah created a fun I Quite Sugar Kids Cookbook.


It ‘s recipes are out-of-the-ordinary and yummy and will definitely catch your child’s attention.  Parents receive valuable and helpful information from this book to get little ones off of sugar in a motivating and doable way.


Ultimately,  it comes down to reading labels AND recognizing the unbeatable benefits of making your meals (with your kids, include them in the process!) at home.


A few of my favorites from IQS Kids Cookbook are the whipped coconut cream to substitute heavy sweet cream cheese frosting. (My family is hooked on this cream version) (page 22)  and the fluffy carrot mousse (page 44) – It’s a winner.


I still haven’t tried out the ham & cheese cauliflower pizza recipe, but I am very curious to try out the recipe, because the dough is made out of mashed cauliflower, cheese and eggs. (page 48)


Also a good GF choice.


If you try it, let us know how it was!


To read more about I Quite Sugar and if you are interested in getting the book visit:

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