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Cleanse Organic with Natural Chef Jennifer Brewer and Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney

Posted on November 3rd, 2013 by Manu



Chef Jenny here. Happy October! Fall is my favorite time of year—warm days, chilly nights and that smell of fall is in the air. Plus, the holiday season is right around the corner, and I LOVE the holidays!

Back in my dieting days, this is the time that I would tell myself that it didn’t really matter what I ate because – come January – I would make a resolution to eat healthier and take better care of myself. The holidays warrant taking a “break”, right? So I would make poor choices (lots of breads and sugary treats) and wonder why I was so tired and catching every cold and flu imaginable.

Those days are over! Now, every Fall I follow our Cleanse Organic Program to get my body ready for the holiday season. Over the last few years, I’ve been able to really enjoy the holidays feeling my best, with my immune system humming right along, making healthy choices because I feel great and want to keep feeling great. Sound too good to be true? I can tell you from experience that it is totally possible.

Cleanse Organic was created by Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney and Chef Jennifer Brewer. Dr. Shunney brings the rich centuries-old tradition of medical cleansing and detoxification to the program, while Chef Jenny makes it delicious and easy to integrate into your everyday life. Dr. Shunney has been using versions of this program with individual patients and groups for over twelve years. As a team, Dr. Shunney and Chef Jenny have been developing and using Cleanse Organic with groups for over 5 years at New Leaf Community Markets and Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine & Chi Center in Santa Cruz, CA.

Still not convinced? Here are two reasons why NOW is the perfect time for the Cleanse Organic Program:

Studies show that one teaspoon of sugar can reduce immune system function by 50% (and the effect can last up to 5 hours). No wonder it seems impossible to fend off colds and flus during the holidays! Giving your body a break from sugar (our cleanse is sugar-free) will have your immune system running optimally—insuring your body can fight off viruses and bacteria. In addition, the whole foods diet and probiotics supplement recommended with the program have also been shown to decrease frequency and duration of colds and flus.

2. SAVE $50:
Get Cleanse Organic for $245 instead of $295! Just enter the code ‘healthyholidays’ into the shopping cart at http://www.cleanseorganic.com. This offer ends October 31st.

If you have been thinking about doing the Cleanse Organic program and have been waiting for the perfect time, suffice it to say—THIS IS IT!

Why wait for January when you can start feeling great now? Jump on this special opportunity TODAY!

All my best,
~Chef Jenny

You can also sign up for our weekly meal plan.

PS—Remember, the $50 savings is only good until October 31st, so be sure to visit the Cleanse Organic Website today! The start time for the cleanse is up to you and your coach, so purchasing by October 31st doesn’t mean you have to start then; scheduling is completely up to you.

Dr. Shunney and Chef Jenny are the hosts of Green Tea & Honey, a weekly radio show on integrative medicine, delicious food, and joyful eating. www.greenteaandhoneyradio.com

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Green Tea & Honey is the official radio show of Cleanse Organic.

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