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DIY: Painting empty egg shells

Posted on March 30th, 2013 by Manu

Easter traditions include fun crafts for kids.

Watch (click on blue links please) how Well Kiddo Max prepares an egg for coloring for his Kindergarten project:

Why would you need to remove the inside from the egg for decorating you may ask:

If you want to hang an egg from a branch or a wreath it needs to be light.

You can also put a stick into the egg to put it into a flower pot for a decoration idea.

First: wash the egg in vinegar water to remove any germs:

washing_ egg









Now poke a hole into the egg shell (we used a nail)- gently tap on one spot to break into the shell – yes there will be some that break ..


Watch how a 6 year old does it:

Poking hole into egg shell







Next use your lungs to blow out contents of the egg: (careful not to suck the egg up – not recommended for younger kids as they do not know yet how to control their breath flow)


Removing egg from shell










Voila, ready to decorate:

Paint, glitter, stickers,

Pull a string through the hole to hang eggs or a kabob stick works for flower pot displays.




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