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5 easy tips for a Healthy Toddler Snack Time – Yes GMO free

Posted on January 30th, 2011 by Manu

Well Kiddos would like to give you the parents of precious children the ability to avoid GMOs as the government currently thinks it is not necessary to let you know and Monsanto thinks the label ‘contains gmo ingredients’ could confuse you ;-)

Here are 5 Easy tips for a Healthy Toddler Snack:

Avoid the ingredients mentioned above if they are NOT organic:

  • Soy (found in salad dressings, breads, bagels and as soy lecithin in cookies)
  • Cotton (Cotton Seed Oil)
  • Corn ( corn syrup, corn on the cob, corn starch, yellow corn chips, “vegetable oil”, vegetable protein, gluten)
  • Canola ( also called Rapeseed Oil)
  • Sugar ( fructose,dextrose, maltodextrin, beet sugar, )NutraSweet and Equal, Aspartame)  use only CANE SUGAR or organic sugars, dehydrated cane, honey.

If you want even more info download the non gmo shopping guide http://www.responsibletechnology.org/docs/Non-GMO-Shopping-Guide.pdf

What’s a Healthy Toddler Snack Well Kiddos Style?

Tip #1: Establish a snack routine. Have a certain time during the day for the snack.

Tip #2: Snacks are nutritious and are supposed to keep kids balanced in their energy and behavior.

Healthy Snack 101:



Apple slices, Apple sauce (no sugar added), Bananas with almond butter, fruit salad chop (prepare a bowl a day in advance), Blueberries, orange and pear pieces:

Let you child put the fruit on sticks and combine eye to hand coordination/fine motor skills.

If you choose dry fruits: Flow and brush teeth after the snack as the fruit pieces get stuck between teeth.

Veggies: steam for younger Todds

Peas, Carrots, chopped carrots, celery, broccoli (surprise: many kids like broccoli even if they don’t like other veggies), kale chips (these are wonderful, nutritious and delicious!), pickled beets


Cheese cubes (combine with apple or pear on a tooth pick for fancy eats), Greek style yogurt combined with fruit/or fruit only preserves for a low sugar option, rice milk banana shake (combine banana, rice milk and 1/2 teasp. lime juice, blend); Almond butter (try freshly ground), organic/free range eggs; Organic hot dog slices, ‘Field Roast’ vegetarian sausage slices


Whole wheat mini bagels (i.e. Izzy’s Bagels)/ be sure bagels do not contain soy oil or corn syrup solids!,  lightly smear  with rBSTE free/ or organic cream cheese, sprinkle pumpkin seeds inside bagel, viola: back to Whole Grain!

9 grain toast slice (TJ’s: again check for oils and sugars!) with almond butter and raspberry marmalade /no sugar added as seen at Trader Joe’s – cut into 4 pieces

Baked blue corn chips (if you choose others: make sure to read: organic corn and organic oil!) with guacamole and mild salsa

Treats: (lesser nutritional value, limit to 2 table spoons)

Brands that are Well Kiddos approved: (non gmo/ limit sugar per serving to 6 g or less, sodium to 100g and less per serving):

  • Annie’s Homegrown (organic)
  • Healthy Handfuls
  • Happy Tot
  • Little Duck Organics
  • O organic
  • Organic Baby
  • Let’s Do Organic (ice cream cones, nice and crunchy and extra low in sugar)
  • Wheetabix
  • Newman’s Own Organic spelt pretzels


Manu, Founder Well Kiddos

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